Essential Cooking Accessories

new kitchen with equipmentEssential Cooking Accessories for New Home Owners

New home or restaurant owners who don’t have a history of cooking for themselves often find themselves in need of advice for finding the right items for their kitchen. This article will provide some basic advice for these new owners so that they can get a good start in their new kitchen.

Finding the right accessories for your kitchen can be tricky and much of the choosing is dependent on the types of food items that you enjoy cooking. While some enjoy baking, others prefer making foods that are for a certain cuisine type such as Chinese food. It is important to understand the type of food that you are interested in cooking and find accessories for your kitchen that center around those food items. As an example, if you do enjoy Chinese cooking I have seen homes with a built in Wok in the stove top that allowed for easier and more even heat which allowed them to make dishes they enjoy better. Alternatively, friends from the Szechuan region of China (Cheng Du) had hot pot accessories that allowed for that fiery dish. The key is to understand how you use the kitchen and to find those accessories that allow you to make the meals that you most enjoy based on your cooking style.

Having said that some basic tools are essential to cooking any meal. This often begins with a sharp and well crafted knife that can have a big impact on the dishes that you cook. Look for blades that are crafted of stainless steel as those are the easiest to clean. Avoid knives that are labelled as never needing sharpening because the reality is that these knives can never be sharpened and therefore will become dull and dangerous to use. Investing in a good quality chef knife is the most important kitchen accessory that you can buy.

Next review your appliances and see which of them may need replacement and make a chart of when they were each replaced. Set aside a timeline and begin funding an account from which you can use to replace your appliances. Over time this can be expensive so it is a good idea to be prepared for these possibilities and to have funds ready to buy the best appliances for your needs versus the only affordable ones. Don’t just concern yourself with their functionality but also the aesthetics and how they fit into your kitchen look as the kitchen is increasingly becoming the show room of many homes like restaurant shelving is face of many restaurants kitchens. Look for new models with extended warranties for the best value.

pansNext investigate buying some nice pans that are made of high quality substances like copper and aluminum that allow for the quick cooking and heating of food items. :There are many more affordable alternatives that are also useable like stainless steel, but make sure you get at least one aluminum or copper pan that conducts heat better than stainless steel so that you can see the difference.

Finally, don’t rush to buy all of your kitchen accessories all at once. Take your time and fill in items as you need them so that you can slowly understand what works in your kitchen instead of spending your budget on items that you think that you need only to find that you don’t use them.